FLORIO TUNA FACTORY: former factory for the processing and conservation of tuna, the largest in the Mediterranean, today it is a museum of itself and tries to revive the epic of a glorious past through images, sounds, movies and innovative multimedia installations. It is also a place of fervent union between the Mediterranean sea and modern society.

 PALAZZO FLORIO: summer residence of the Florio family, it is a splendid neo-Gothic style building, built in 1878 by the architect Damiani Almeyda. Externally elegant and aristocratic, inside it is characterized by art-nouveau style furnishings and splendid wrought irons. The building is connected to the “Pretti” building by underground, it hosts exhibitions and is home to art events.

 SANTA CATERINA CASTLE: on the highest peak of the island, built in stone, stands the Norman castle. Its location suggests it was used for sighting and reporting purposes, but over time it was also used as a prison. Despite the precarious conditions, the castle is certainly worth a visit, from here you can enjoy a magnificent view of the entire archipelago.

 THE QUARRIES: for hundreds of years, man has been able to extract tuff, a special stone (in fact, sandstone calcarenite), widely used in architecture. The quarring activity of the “pirriatura” (men dedicated to manual quarring activities) has been so perpetuated over time that today between Cala Rossa, Bue Marino, Punta Fanfalo and Lido Burrone you can admire real “cathedrals” with bizarre shapes and architectural.

 CALA ROSSA: the most famous bay on the island, wild, unspoiled, characterized by a blue that takes your breath away, the bottom is sandy, the coast is rocky. To reach it you have to walk a little, but it is worth the effort. The arrival is also suggestive because the blue of the sea appears among the remains of the tuff quarries that form some kind of towers. With the winds from the South it gives its best.

 THE SEABED: characterized by shades ranging from blue to intense turquoise, the colors of the transparent seabed of Favignana offer very strong emotions to all scuba diving enthusiasts. In the seabed, in the colorful walls, in the shoals inhabited by a myriad of fish admire also archaeological finds. The local diving will guide you to discover a magnificent underwater world.

 THE FIRST AID CENTER: compulsory for those visiting Favignana is a visit to the first aid center for sea turtles, an organization that, in addition to taking care of these beings, has been promoting respect for the environment for years by conveying information and knowledge in favor of biodiversity of these beautiful islands in the Mediterranean.