This island has become my home, my Eden, the place where I spend the most beautiful months of the year. I landed there for the first time 25 years ago, I immediately fell in love with it, on that occasion I remember buying a small studio flat that I used for many years.

My name is Stella, I love art, culture and good food, I adore beautiful sunny days, I take care of my family, I manage and keep my four “holiday homes” in order. During the summer season, I dedicate myself to welcoming guests, I take care of their relationships and, if requested, I also dispense some advice (as a good hostess) on the various services and excursions available on the island.

Convinced as I am that in modern life the holiday has one of the most important pleasures, in building this little reality of mine, made up of only four houses, I have put all my strength together to try to achieve the highest possible level of quality in terms of living spaces dedicated to holidays, hoping to have succeeded in creating clean, refined and elegant contexts designed and organized to offer a “quality” living experience on the island of Favignana.

Egaditravel is not a company, it is not even an agency, it is simply the name that together with the rest of my family I gave to the website of our homes: www.egaditravel.it created and kept in order by my children Giorgia and Gian Marco.

If you have curiosities related to my island, the accommodations and the wonderful Egadine environment, feel free to call me or write me an email: you can find my references at the bottom of the page.

If you then decide to take one of my houses, at that point, I will be there to welcome you.

See you in Favignana, see you soon.