Favorite by the adventors of the summer, this is one of the most suggestive paths of Marettimo. The path, which is beaten and paved, winds along the coast for four and a half kilometers, in a fascinating ups and downs, bordered by fragrant Mediterranean vegetation. Along the way, you will come across a natural water source and overlook incredible overhangs over the sea. Crossing the Camel rock, the path reaches the isthmus that leads to the promontory of Punta Troia and the castle which has the same name, once prison. In fact, the Bourbons used it to confine political prisoners in the dungeons. This last stretch of the route is perhaps the most critical, because it is characterized by particularly steep descents and climbs. However, once you reach the top, you can enjoy a splendid view of the coast of the east side of the island and the horizon, where you can see Favignana and Levanzo. The Castle can usually be visited in the summer. As well as the Monk Seal Observatory, which is located there.

pedestrian path – experts, Km 3,6, minutes 80, altitude difference 240 meters


The path, paved and uphill, starts just outside the small town and continues along the mountain to the north. After passing a natural spring and a ruined rural building, always accompanied by the scents of the Mediterranean vegetation, you arrive at the Roman Houses, made up of fascinating ruins of Roman origin in which Latin building techniques and a Byzantine church with a Greek cross are distinguishable, all in good state of conservation. The signs of sacredness that the site presents would seem to be attributable to the presence of the most important natural source of fresh water. The spring waters favor the luxuriance of the vegetation: the island boasts more than 500 plant species.

pedestrian-tourist route, 1.4 km, 40 minutes, difference in height 224 meters


Along the road that leads to the cemetery area, you arrive at the junction for Carcaredda and Punta Libeccio. The path soon rises in altitude, until reaching Carcaredda, from where you can admire Punta Bassana and where it is possible to stop in the Forestale refuge area. Here, the path joins a forest road which, traveled in a south-west direction, reaches the lighthouse and then Punta Libeccio.

easy pedestrian-bike-horse path, 5 km, 90 minutes, difference in height 210 meters


The path that leads to the Roman Houses continues towards Semaforo. Walking until you reach the point where Pizzo Scaturro and Pizzo Semaforo join, you walk towards the inside of the rocky hollow they form. The Semaforo is a place of considerable interest for those who practice birdwatching. The island is, in fact, also frequented by migratory birds and birds of prey, including the peregrine falcon and Bonelli’s eagle. In September, birds of prey are observed flying towards Africa, gliding among the high altitude updrafts.

tourist pedestrian path, 4.5 km, 90 minutes, altitude difference 270 meters


Once you arrive at the Roman Houses, continue climbing, not without difficulty, towards Pizzo Falcone which, being the highest peak of the Egadi (686 m), is an unmissable panoramic point over the archipelago and Western Sicily and an interesting point for observe the migration of birds of prey.

pedestrian path-tourist horse, 2 Km, 70 minutes, difference in height 450 meters


From the Roman Houses the path starts, which extends southwards on the plain, crosses a pine forest and runs along the top of the town.

pedestrian-horse-bike tour, Km 2,5, minutes 55, altitude difference 70 meters


The route is suitable for experienced hikers. After passing the town, you head south until you reach a crossroads. At this point, turn left and continue until you reach the promontory.

pedestrian path-expert hikers, Km 5.8, minutes 170, altitude difference 300 meters


The trail is not recommended for inexperienced hikers. The first part of the path coincides with the one to reach Punta Troia. Once you have passed the Camel rock, you face a climb and after a particularly steep descent. To reach Cala Bianca, it takes about two hours and thirty minutes. Once near the cove, the width of the path is reduced and you cross sections overlooking the sea. Once there, you can appreciate the remarkable beauty of the cliff below.

pedestrian path-expert hikers, 3 km, 75 minutes, elevation gain 280 meters