… little more than two rocks in the middle of the sea:

the first is the smallest of the Egadi islands, inhabited only by seagulls, it is an integral reserve where fishing, bathing, navigation and anchoring are not allowed, the island cannot be visited.

Formica, on the other hand, is the fourth largest island of the Egadi Islands, silence, nature, visceral contact with the sea and the magic of the place make it an ideal place for recovering contact with one’s humanity. On the island there is a tonnara, second only to that of Favignana, a fortified tower, a regularly functioning lighthouse, a “del Rais” church and a small museum, the view is beautiful wherever the eye sets its gaze. The island is cared for and maintained by the guys from “Mondo X”, the therapeutic community that owns it, Formica can only be visited after being authorized by the local management.

Maraone Island

sculptures – Formica Island

Church of the Rais – Formica Island

Formica Island